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Carmela Wallace loved challenging her son, Jarad, to games of pinball.  Eventually, Jarad grew up and became known in the music industry as Juice Wrld.  

Carmela was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love following the loss of her son a little over a year ago in Dec. 2019, right after Jarad's 21st birthday. Before his passing, Jarad shared, through his music, that he was suffering from issues with addiction and mental health.  Carmela decided to use Jarad's story and her platform to encourage and help others.  Jarad’s music influenced so many lives, and Carmela hopes to fill that void and continue his legacy, so in the midst of her grief, she founded Live Free 999.  


She believes that if she can prevent even one mother from feeling her loss, this foundation will have succeeded. Helping others is a part of her healing. The two had a close relationship and were able to talk about Jarad’s struggles. He felt comfortable talking to her because she never judged him. She hopes with Live Free 999 she can help those suffering in silence. She explained how, “Juice WRLD touched the world, but Jarad was my son.” As a mother working through the pain of losing a child she feels it is her duty to reach out and help those going through what he went through. It is okay to not be okay, and Carmela wants you to know there are people here to listen.

Carmela Wallace

Ruby Gld Smoke

Married Couple & Recording Artists

When Dandria Dani Jo Williams met her husband T. L. Williams in early 2014, it was clear from the jump they were made to do something big together. Their undeniable chemistry was evident even as T. L. embarked on an inital solo career, garnering over 3 million streams with hits like “Gettin Mo Money Than You” and “Melanin”. Meanwhile Dani Jo was a behind-the-scenes contributor through the entirety of T. L.’s 6 album solo run, co-writing songs and adding vocals. The couple, feeling like it was finally time, have come out front with an eclectic mix of pop-soul energy a la “Rose Royce”. The two are completing their forthcoming debut entitled Revolutionary Love, set for release on their label Quiet Kingdom Recordings in 2021. The project aptly showcases all of their abilities (T. L. plays 6 instruments, Dani Jo is a choreographer, the 2 both sing, write, and produce), with plans to include a complete visual component (they are filmmakers as well).

Check out their music, videos, and brand new album:

Ruby Gld Smoke

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